A Commitment to Values-Driven Manufacturing

At Skyl-Tech, we care about making great probes and assemblies for thermal validation professionals. We have optimized every aspect of our product line for ease of use, long service life, and results you can count on:

Skyl-Tech Quality Thermal Validation Products

Superior Quality

Fittings, thermocouples, and RTDs hand-built from high-purity materials with quality finishes that meet the exacting standards of the life sciences industry.

Durable Feedthroughs and Thermocouples

Durable By Design

All of our compression fittings and temperature probes undergo rigorous testing to ensure a long service life under heavy usage.

Accurate Thermal Validation Equipment

Rock-Solid System Accuracy

Stranded copper extruded to exacting standards, flawless thermocouple welds, steam-safe RTDs, and seamless probe tips for responsive, leak-free operation.